Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Ochre House

Einstein is considered by many as the greatest astrophysicist. Einstein’s many visionary scientific contribution include the equivalence of mass and energy (E=mc^2), how the maximum speed limit of light affects measurements of time and space (special relativity), and a more accurate theory of gravity based on simple geometric concepts (general relativity).

Albert Einstein was a thoughtful person, he loved to think about things. As a boy, he constantly wondered what made things work. Albert would thing about electricity and be amazed. Once when he was sick, his father gave him a compass. Albert was mystified when his father told him that the needle of the questing for scientific knowledge. Albert’s father explained that there were magnetic forces that drew the needle to the north pole of Earth.

Albert Einstein was a great ma, and he was very important to science. We should learn from him that no matter what field you enjoy, you should sick with your desire. We should learn that it is OK to think differently than other people.