What makes Mount Index International School truly distinctive

  • Nurturing young minds with a focus on their all-round development is central to everything that we do
  • Individualised attention to each child to cater to their diverse learning needs
  • Talented, experienced and dedicated teachers with linguistic and cultural diversity
  • Celebrates a culture of excellence in academics, sports and co-curricular activities
  • Enabling children to uphold Indian culture and values, whilst fostering international mindedness
  • Inclusive education, with a committed team of student care professionals
  • An evolved community service programme from Class III onwards
  • Student exchange and teacher exchange programmes
  • A safe and secure learning environment, with focus on student well-being
  • Innovative use of technology to drive the educational needs of the 21st century
  • Student leadership opportunities including exposure to innovators, iconic personalities and leaders from all walks of life
  • Consistent track record of outstanding academic results, sports and co-curricular achievements

Mount Index International’s Curriculum Model

The Mount Index International’s Curriculum Model represents the School’s commitment to optimise teaching and learning and facilitate children’s holistic development and well-being. Through a curriculum that is stimulating and creative, and an environment that is safe and child-centred, we enable the learner to explore multiple dimensions of excellence, encompassing intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. There is equal emphasis on academic rigour and engagements beyond the classroom through a wide spectrum of opportunities.

The School’s guiding statements underpin the facts that cherishing one’s own culture and respecting that of others, as well as values-based learning, are pivotal to holistic development. The educational programmes at the School focus on inculcating in the learner five key attributes: creativity and innovation, collaboration, leadership, global citizenship and life-long learning.

All the elements in our curriculum model converge to bring out the best in every child and enable them to be on the path of continuous development and progress.