Our Campus

Mount Index International School boasts of a large campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The school building is complete with offices for the Trustees, Principal, Relationship Manager and Administration on the ground floor alongside the pre-primary  classrooms, Indoor Play zone and a mini auditorium. The first floor houses the primary wing, Math Lab, Composite lab, Junior Computer Lab, Activity rooms, Staff Room and the Conference Hall.

The second floor caters to the middle and senior wing students along with Library and Computer Lab. The third floor had the dining Hall and the science labs. All the floors are connected through wide set of stairs. The classrooms are well ventilated and equipped with smart boards to incorporate interactive learning as a part of everyday teaching and learning process.

The playground area is equally attractive. Large open area surrounded by natural beauty offers a breath taking sight. The playground is equipped for various sports, such as Cricket, Football, Atheletics. The school has  basketball courts, Volleyball Court, Cricket nets  as well as  Skating rink with an amphitheater.

The  Auditorium with a sitting capacity of 1500 people hosts numerous events every year including the annual day award function. The junior Auditorium hosts numerous small gathering and events.

The Boarding house “Gurukul “ equipped with all the modern amentities for the boys became operational in the year 2016. The school is on an expansion mode an Indoor Sports arena, Tennis court and the Swimming pool will be added soon.

Our Teachers

Our capable faculty strives to encourage the students to perform their best. Teachers at Mount Index International School are highly  skilled and trained in their respective teaching areas. They are always open to new horizons of learning. Being harmonious as well  as meticulous, they instill qualities of a leader in their students. Specialized training for teachers allows them to understand their students requirements, focus on their deficient areas and strive hard to solve problems through proper planning and coordination. The teachers encourage, motivate and empathise with the students to enable self discovery.


IT Enabled Classrooms

Every Classroom at Mount Index International School Indore  is spacious and aesthetically designed to provide luxury sitting to make students feel comfortable. Every classroom is equipped with smart interactive white board, projector, visualizers and a stylus-electronic pen.

The white interactive boards and bulletin boards placed at vantage points help make learning more interesting and permanent. Course content is developed in-house by the school’s experienced faculty. Tailor made course content makes learning a real fun and impactful.

Use of technology quenches the desire of students for fun, interactive and interesting classroom sessions where their  senses have the freedom to explore and break the barriers of the monotonous classroom practices.

Activity and Resource Room

The school has a multi-purpose Activity Room where Our Students  proudly showcase their varied talents honed at the school. There is an expansive stage where students are encouraged to perform various expression activities. Workshops, debates tune up participatory and creative skills in students.

An architect’s delight, the multipurpose activity hall empowered with latest technological tools is the school’s pride. Its usage for assembly functions, lesson enrichment, workshops, debates, parents’ orientations and as a lecture room makes good utility of space for learning.

In-house programs are organized regularly and students assemble here from time-to-time to participate in several activities, presentations and real opportunities for continuous professional development, research and growth.

IT Laboratory

The School has a large, Spacious IT Lab that flaunts the largest hardware and software. The students are introduced to the basics of computer usage, gradually moving towards advanced technology under the tutelage of well-trained and skilled faculty. In today’s technological world. It is significant to provide an exposure to the latest development in information Technology. It is also vital for the progress of the students to learn new techniques and develop necessary concepts for specialized study in the future.

Supplementing learning with state-of-the-art computer system and latest software, IT lab at school provides easy access to technology to all students. The school ensures that the computer systems are upgrades regularly to keep pace with the latest technological trends. Full time internet access and equipments like laser printers, CD writers, scanners and LCD projectors, together with a plethora of multimedia facilities help make this place an exciting place to study.

Language Laboratory

English Lab of Mount Index International School works to improve communication and English learning skills of the students. English lab modules are designed to improve communication and grammar skills of the students.

Besides improving cognitive proficiency of English language and helping the students to expand their command over spoken as well as written English, The English lab also works towards improving listening and reading skills of the students.

Separate headphone and mike is provided to each student for privacy and personalized learning. While speaking skills of the students are developed with a style and accent internationally understood, their listening skills are also improved in several accents.

Think Laboratory

Thinking Lab provides a perfect environment to design your dream project. Every session involves experimental activities which fosters imagination, visualization, creativity, problem solving ability and task concentration in children.

It is based on Multiple Intelligence concept which helps children to learn in different way that identifiably distinctive.

This gives children hands on training on structural mechanics, working principles of machines & hence they can design their own machines/inventions.

Science Laboratory

Science is always learnt well when knowledge acquired in theory is realized in practice Young students hence have been intrigued by scientific experimentations as it gives them an exposure to new experiences.

Exploration and discovery is the mainstay for scientific development in today’s world and we aim to help the students in both classroom drill along with the joy of experimentation.

Our well-designed laboratories follow all international norms, which in turn enable the students to explore and dazzle their world with new discoveries.

Math Laboratory

From time immemorial, mathematics has been the tool to decade the mysteries of the universe, with development in teaching methods , which have become more  experimental and experiential with time, learning mathematical concepts has become more fun. This ideology encourages that the intricate puzzles be solved outside the classroom, away from mere theoretical approach.

Mount Index International School realizes this though its Math lab that endows the students with an insight into the derivation of the various mathematical formulas. The Math Lab also helps them understand the theory behind simple as well as complicated mathematical concepts.  The Math Lab is equipped with state of the art teaching material that helps make  mathematical experimentation a joy-filled experience  for the students.

In addition to the math lab sessions, Abacus mentoring is provided for our primary wing I to V students which  is considered to be one of the fastest ways of calculating and learning math’s. Faster than a calculator, not only does abacus math’s gift young learners the opportunity to shine in the language of math’s from a really young age, but it also provides a solid foundation for learning the language of maths with great ease. Furthermore Vedic math sessions are undertaken for the middle wing students of Grade VI to VIII aimed at enabling students with advanced mathematical concepts  which will help them in calculations beyond the basic mathematical operations, like square root, algebra, calculus etc.


Mount Index International School has a well laid out transportation plan that caters to the needs of its students from all adjoining areas. We have an elaborate bus service that picks up and drops students from in and around Indore. All the buses are Airconditioned and are equipped with safety equipment’s like Camera, GPS, speed regulators, lady attendant and first aid kits. The drivers and the conductors are specially trained to identify any possible danger and act on it effectively, if required.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall is the most preferred place of the school where students are served  mouth-watering nutritious breakfast and lunch prepared in vegetarian kitchen. Junk food and processed food is not served  in the school dining hall. The dining area is spacious and every care is taken to ensure hygiene and prompt services.


Sports Complex