Spirit -o -thon embraced patriotic fervor at Mount Index International School on Annual sports and Republic day .

Today marked the 75th Republic Day celebration at Mount Index International School, a momentous occasion filled with pride and patriotism along with the school’s Annual Sports Day, Spirit-O-Thon unfolded with enthusiasm.
The occasion was graced by honorable chief guest colonel Anand Kumar , Respected chairman, Shri Suresh Singhji Bhadoriya, and CEO Shri Roopeshji Verma sir.
The highlight of the event was the impressive tableau display representing Asian Games winners. The ceremonial unfurling of the national flag and the singing of the national anthem resonated with the spirit of freedom and unity.
The event began with the juniors of Nursery to Grade 2 participating in a great amalgamation of track and field events and some interesting yet fun races. They tested their strength in various events such Rabbit Race, Ball Balancing, Cone and ball , Obstacle race, etc. the very interesting was Sack Race, Follow the Instruction and necklace Race . The zealous parents, gathered in large number, constantly applauded the enthusiastic young sports stars.
The school had made arrangements for refreshments for both parents and students.
As students showcased their athletic prowess, competing in a variety of sports and games. The event was graced by the presence of the esteemed Chief Guest Colonel Anand Kumar, a distinguished figure known for his contributions to the armed forces.
Colonel Kumar’s inspiring address emphasized the importance of sportsmanship, discipline, and determination in shaping the character of the youth. His motivational words resonated with both students and parents, setting the tone for a day filled with excitement and healthy competition.

The best part of the day was the award ceremony, where Colonel Anand Kumar , Chairman, Sir Suresh Singh Bhadoria, CEO, Sir Roopesh Verma principal, Sir Shyam Agrawal and Vice Principal Ma’am Moumita Chatterjee felicitated the winners, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. The event concluded with a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment, reflecting the school’s commitment to holistic development through sports.

Mount Litera Zee school Indore celebrated the 75th Independence Day “AZADI kA AMRIT MAHOTSAV with patriotic zeal and enthusiasm. The program started at 8:45am with the welcome of our honorable chief guest Col. Ashish Mangrulkar ,Reverend CEO Mr. Roopesh Verma, Respected Principal Mr. Shyam Agrawal ,Worthy Vice Principal Ms. Moumita Chatterjee and all the respected Guests of Honour.The chief guest hoisted the flag at 8:45 a.m followed by national anthem “Jan Gana Mana” with great pride .The school had it’s newly selected council body and hence the Investiture Ceremony got it’s place amidst the auspicious occasion of 75th Independence Day . The ceremonial pinning of badges to prefects of the school was done by the Chief guest and the other dignitaries such as respected Shri R.C. Yadav (Dir. Index Group) Dr. G.S Patel( Dean Index Medical College)Col.Ajay Singh thakur (Hospital Superintendent Index Medical College) Dr. C.L. Yadav (Principal Index Homeopathic College) Principal ( Index Ayurvedic College) and Mr. Roopesh Verma CEO MLZS Indore.The school choir team did a phenomenal job by singing the patriotic song on this day.The students of the four different houses put together an act of how various freedom fighters fought the British army and sacrificed themselves to free India.A mesmerizing dance performance was presented by the students . Then after,
the Chief Guest gave an in-depth speech motivating students to be worthy citizens of the nation. The Principal’s address to the council members highlighted the need to perform their duties with honesty and integrity. He also made the School Council to take the prefectorial pledge for retaining the glory of their institution and the school community at large. In the end, the program concluded with sweet distribution to students and staff.