Sports form an integral part of any school’s curriculum and hence MLZS campus is designed to provide ample space for conducting several indoor and outdoor sports activities.

The school has specific coaches for different sports who are available during post school and school hours. Our sports experts provide special training classes in carom,chess,  table tennis, cricket,football, baseball,volleyball,karate,skating gymnastic, taekwondo and skating. Regular game periods are provided to the students of all classes each day and they are encouraged to practice indoor and outdoor games. Here, we aim to build in them the qualities of sportsmanship, respect for hierarchy and a never- say-die spirit.

Special summer camps and adventure camps are also organized to expose students to team building and sports activities. Annual sports meet is also held to celebrate the spirit of sports.

The school has facilities required to groom national level players in various sports Sports facilities at the school include indoor sports room, cricket pitch for net practice, skating rink,football ground   etc that give students a unique choice of enjoying games and sports activities.

All the sports activities are conducted by trained and qualified coaches, many of whom have represented their states or country. The students are encouraged and motivated to take up sports and physical activities and are trained by the experts. A structured sports curriculum is followed that develops students’ skill in a particular sport and enables him to perform and excel.

Co-Scholastic Activities

MLZS believes in bringing out the creative best in its students. Extra-curricular activities and academic excellence form an integral part of the school curriculum. Performing Arts is given huge importance in the curriculum. Ample opportunities are provided to the students to give expression to their imaginations and thus enhance creativity.

Music Room

Music rejuvenates the mind and refreshes the soul. At MLZS, we encourage the students  to express themselves through melody, with a fully equipped music room and skilled vocal and instrumental trainer , we ensure that music never ceases to enthral the heart of our students. The well-equipped Music room contains a variety of classical and western musical instruments. Distinguished faculty trains children in both the disciplines of instrumental and vocal music.

Dance Room

A separate, spacious Dance studio well equipped with necessary technical instruments is a place where children are trained in various dance forms. Students are encouraged to develop their talents and skills from an early stage. State-of-the-Art


Growing Library

The school library is central to learning that has a comprehensive collection of 3000+ books for students. The vast collection ranges from story books, reference and academic books, audio-visual materials, and journals and periodicals. Besides this, educational CDs, newspapers, magazines and reference materials are also available on various subjects.

The ambience of school library offers a perfect place for serious study and a peaceful place for light reading. The computers installed in the school library allow children to access online study material anytime. Each student is assigned with a library card and books are issued to the students through library management system. The books in library are managed by a qualified librarian who assists students in the selection of books appropriate for their age and standard.

Our digital library has a computerized resource encyclopedia with latest e-books and wide range of magazines from national and international publications. Handbooks, manuals, prescribed NCERT books and a wide range of educational software and revision kits grace the library and fulfill the purpose of learning. Each student is issued with a library card and books are issued to them through an online library management system.

Art and Craft

At MLZS,  we encourage students to be creative and imaginative . It is said that a child’s world is best understood when they carve out their  imagination with shades of their selection. The Art room presents opportunities to students for developing varied artistic interests including woodwork, clay modeling, painting, drawing and craft work.


A good medical center in a school assures proper care and concern for parents. Health fitness and genuine concern is hallmark at MLZS Indore. The school operates a medical facility with its well-equipped Sick Bay, staffed by a professional nurses who are available during school hours all the time in school premises. The Sick Bay at school is equipped with all the medical requirements. It constitutes clean hygienic beds and has sufficient stock of the necessary medicines for immediate relief and care.

Immediate medical attention to sickness and required first-aid in case of any injury is provided to the students during the working hours. Parents are informed immediately in all cases of urgent treatment or if it is required to consult the doctor for further treatment. In addition to this, the nurses also undertakes regular check-ups for all the students.  We have visiting doctors from the top hospitals for periodical check-ups.